What's The Deal?
  • Get in touch, we'll meet up for a cawfee and see if we hit it off. 
  • If you are keen to lock this shiz in, jump on the webby and book moi! 

And What's The Deal With Me You Ask?

  • I shoot and develop all of my own film, I'm a control freak, sue me. 
  • I also print all of my own black and white prints, it's sexy. 
  • My cameras are serviced on the reg!
  • The style I shoot is very candid, I'll buzz around without you knowing I'm taking honest pics. Don't get me wrong, you can also pose for me (everyone loves a glamour pic.)

How Do I Get my Pics?

  • I get straight into developing once I wrap on your day. I like to leave the negatives to dry for a full day before scanning
  • Once scanned, I'll whack them in a link on WeTransfer that will give you a week to download them. 

Can I Keep The Negatives?

  • Abso-bloody-lutely! It'd be weird if I kept them. (Also, I'm not into throwing that sort of material into landfill.) I can post them out to you or you can come pick them up, too easy! 

Can You Print Them All For Me?

  • Sure! I offer an extra add on for 4 prints but if you want every single pic printed (because they will all be fabulous) we can sort something out 

How Long Until I Get The Good Good?

  • Photo and film development turn around time is 1 week from wrapping up shooting/receiving your film to scanning the film and chucking it in a WeTransfer link to you.

Can You Print My Own Black & White Negative For Me?

  • Yeah go on! I can print anything 5" x 7" or 8" x 10". Hit me up and I'll see what we're working with.